Pool Tech


American Builders Quarterly | March 2010
Second-generation pool installer executes unparalleled work on public and private projects." this article covers the history of Pool Tech, Inc. and lists its notable projects. .:Read More:.

Gallery Of Master Pools | 2007
Pool Tech, a Master Pool Guild member, had one of its many award winning pools featured in this years Master Pools Guild Gallery Of Master Pools. .:Read More:.

Room | June 2007
A swimming pool built 22 years ago was recently updated and enhanced with fabricated boulders and multi-level areas of stamped concrete to make room for outdoor entertaining. .:Read More:.

Cedar Valley Home & Garden | Sum. 2007
"It's About imagination. The backyard is the canvas. It's how we paint the picture a client has in mind that creates the art." Increase your Liquid Assests. .:Read More:.

Architectural Digest | April 2007
A pool is a private oasis. Realizing an aquatic dream design and fitting it seamlessly into the overall landscape takes ingenuity, technique and technological prowess. .:Read More:.

House & Garden | April 2007
Owning the most beautiful pool in the world... begins with a Master Pools Builder! Building the world's finest pools advertisement. .:Read More:.

Women´s Edition | March 2007
Imagine for a moment walking along a shore listening to water cascading over the rocks as the sun begins to set of the horizon. .:Read More:.

Luxury Pools | January 2006
Most people do not associate high design with Middle America. Then again, most people have not seen the award-winning designs from Pool Tech. .:Read More:.